Ben Smith is a husband and father of four. He works with his father- and brother-in-law to grow wine and juice grapes, corn and soybeans in southwest Michigan. He also serves as the Executive Secretary for the Michigan State Horticultural Society. Get to know him and the roles he balances, covering:

  • The main things he’s working on like one of the largest specialty crop shows in North America; combatting grape berry moths, fighting plant diseases and finding labor; and trimming grapevines
  • Where his juice grapes end up – get excited for this local product, Michiganders!
  • His roots in asparagus and cherries…and being an aerospace engineer obviously
  • The course of his career and flight simulation
  • What his four daughters like helping their Papa do during harvest
  • The coldest job that leaves a person chilled to the bone in winter
  • A unique seasonal gift he and his wife enjoyed their first autumn living in Florida
  • A meal everyone in their household is enjoying right now
  • The timeline farmers must get their semi-trucks loaded with grapes to the processing facility
  • The most beautiful places he’s seen in the world
  • The best advice he’s been given regarding change

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