We all have chores. Let’s face it…some we enjoy and some we hate. My most dreaded house chore is doing the dishes. But at the end of the day they have to be done. Which makes me so thankful for the dishwasher we have. It makes it much more bearable!

Just like everyone has chores, farmers have daily, weekly, seasonal and yearly chores. Things on a farm are never, EVER the same! Variety is the spice of life, right?

One of my farm chores during spring lambing is taking care of lambs who can’t be raised by their mothers. I become their new mom and teach them where to get milk and feed from, I take care of their health and well-being and give them a clean and dry place to live. I enjoy this chore, knowing that I am giving the lambs the best start I can and seeing the lambs weaned and growing makes me feel very accomplished.

Some days are different and some similar, each bringing different tasks, situations and variables. Which is part of what makes farming interesting and enjoyable.

Brianna Matchett has been doing farm chores most of her life. Being the 4th generation on a dairy farm she’s helped feed calves and young cattle from a young age. Now she’s married and has a young son. Although she has switched from cows to sheep, there are still chores, just different ones.



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