Meet Jennifer Lewis, a dairy farmer from Jonesville with a husband, three grown kids and three grandkids. Her family also raises corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and blueberries. She shares about:

  • What she offers as a 4-H club leader and volunteer
  • Changes she’s making in her blueberry business
  • A hobby she enjoys but hasn’t had time for in three years
  • The interesting challenges winter of ’78 brought to her family’s sheep farm
  • What her family is known for in the community
  • What she’s looking forward to in 2019
  • A household staple
  • The most fun part of being a grandparent
  • Why she’s eating her words and couldn’t be happier about it
  • What they made for their employees this year (sorry in advance to your tastebuds missing out)
  • Great advice she has received

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