Featured Recipes at National Morel Mushroom Festival

Morel mushrooms are among the safest wild mushrooms grown in Michigan and can be found in all of
Michigan’s 83 counties. The morel season can start as early as mid-April in the southern part of the state
and last until mid-June in the Upper Peninsula.


Michigan Morel facts:

  • Morel mushrooms usually grow to be between one and four inches tall and up to two inches in diameter
  • When picking, pinch the stem off at ground level to keep the roots intact for regrowth
  • Morel mushrooms prefer to grow in wooded areas and can typically be found around dying or dead trees
  • Morels stay fresh for up to one week if refrigerated


  • Morel mushrooms contain 20 calories per serving
  • Morels have the highest amount of vitamin-D among edible mushrooms
  • Morels are an excellent source of B-complex vitamins


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