Sustainable tile


I just got some tile for the first time. Rumor on the street said I would love it, and it would pay for itself.

Oh wait – I am not redoing my bathroom or kitchen floor. I am talking about something bigger, something that will be a gift that keeps giving for generations to come. You see, I am a farmer here in Michigan, and I want my kids to have the same opportunities my grandfather and others have handed down throughout generations.

From the beginning of time we have tried to divert water, and use it to its fullest potential. Some of the earliest findings of this were during the 2nd millennium BCE in places like Mesopotamia. People would design aqueducts to get water to a location for drinking or for irrigating crops. As time went on so did the sophistication of these systems.

My family has the opportunity to become part of this water history. We are part owners in a business specializing in farm drainage. We can’t quite trace our roots back to Greek or Roman aqueducts, but we are very proud to say we have recorded transactions that date back to the late 1800s and tile work that was done in a town formerly known as Bonanza (present day Lake Odessa). The common denominator is that our family is interested in making farmland more useful and sustainable while being stewards of the land.

In our business we use two specialized plows to install a plastic tile that’s produced locally in Owosso! With advanced technology of the Assisted GPS program, we are able to locate problem areas and design a grid pattern system to suit the needs of every field and landowner.

Personally farming Michigan’s land gives us a better appreciation of what our customers are looking for and how we can better serve them. Tiling helps produce a perfect seed bed and strong root base for plants, plus helps equalize Michigan’s unique seasons from the soil’s perspective.

Mandy Teachworth and her husband, Ben, own their family’s farm where they raise beef cows, goats and four children. They also grow corn, beans and hay. The family is very involved in school sports, FFA, 4-H and rodeo.