Bright, crunchy carrots are satisfying raw or in your favorite recipe. Harvested in summer and fall, Michigan grows carrots for both fresh market and processing. While fresh market carrots are in season from late July through November, carrots for processing are harvested from early October through late November and are available all year.

Michigan Carrot Facts

  • In 2018 , Michigan produced 152 million pounds of carrots
  • The value of Michigan carrots for both fresh and processed use is $14.5 million
  • Michigan ranks fourth in the nation for the production of carrots
  • Most Michigan carrots are grown in Newaygo and Oceana counties


  • One 2.8-ounce carrot has only 40 calories
  • One carrot provides more than twice the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A
  • Carrots are high in fiber, potassium and vitamin C
  • Carrots break down into calcium and are easily absorbed by the body when eaten

Recipes Featuring MI Carrots: