Partner Spotlight: Michigan Allied Poultry Industries

Michael holding a chicken at a chicken farm.

by Michael Ceja, Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT Lead Ambassador

Michigan Allied Poultry Industries is a coalition of farmers working to promote and protect Michigan egg, chicken, and turkey farmers. For over 80 years, the organization has remained committed to being farmer-led and issue-focused to combat real challenges that face poultry farmers.

MAPI is coming off the heels of their annual golf outing, where they were able to garner over $7,500 for five scholarships that are now up for grabs. Every year, Michigan Allied Poultry provides scholarships to college students interested in pursuing a career in the poultry industry. While these qualities of the ideal
candidate seem specific, the requirement of working in the industry in the future does not limit one to working in poultry production. Some careers that are available and meet the criteria include agri-business, finance, packaging, and marketing for poultry and agriculture-focused businesses. Those that are interested in applying can do so at THIS LINK. Applications must be submitted by October 15.

Earlier this year, MAPI postponed their annual winter poultry seminar due to challenges from Highly Pathenogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), a highly contagious and fatal disease carried by wild birds including geese. Michigan Allied Poultry Industries’ Executive Director, Allison Brink affirmed that, “Michigan poultry farmers take the health and safety of their birds seriously – taking the best care of
their flocks is always their first priority. Our farmers continue to practice strict biosecurity protocols and stay vigilant in an unprecedented year for HPAI, especially now that we’re back into migration season this fall.” The Winter Poultry Seminar is rescheduled for December, and is an opportunity for education, networking and community.

To learn more about Michigan Allied Poultry Industries and more about egg production, broilers, and turkeys, you can visit or visit

Michael Ceja, from Alma, Michigan, is one of our Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT Ambassadors. He is currently a student at Ferris State University studying Business Administration. Michael enjoys traveling around the Great Lakes State and visiting different farmers markets and enjoying the natural beauty that Michigan has to offer.

Michael holding a chicken at a chicken farm.