Another valuable orchard fruit, ripe, juicy peaches are a tasty treat with rich Michigan history. While fresh Michigan peaches are available from early July to mid-September, processed Michigan peaches are available throughout the year.

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Michigan Peach Facts

  • Michigan produces more than 21.2 million pounds of peaches valued at more than $9.2 million
  • Most Michigan peaches are grown in the west central to southwest corner, close to Lake Michigan
  • Peaches are also grown in the east along Lake St. Clair and in the northwest Grand Rapids area
  • The Red Haven Peach, popular throughout the U.S., was introduced in 1940 in South Haven, Michigan
  • New Michigan varieties, like the southwest Michigan Flamin’ Fury and Stellar peach series are gaining popularity


  • Peaches contain a modest amount of calories
  • Peaches are a good source of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C
  • They are low in sodium and contain no saturated fat
  • Peaches are a healthy alternative to sweet treats after a meal

Recipes Featuring MI Peaches: