Michigan turkeys are raised by farmers throughout the state whose livelihood is creating a safe and quality source of protein for consumers and businesses in the food service market. Most of these turkeys are processed in Grand Rapids at a farmer-owned cooperative.

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Michigan Turkey Facts

  • There are 53 turkey farmers in the state, which all raise toms (males), mostly located in Ottawa County
  • The total economic impact of the turkey industry in Michigan is $2.9 million
  • Michigan turkeys are processed by Michigan Turkey Producers (MTP), a farmer-owned cooperative in the Grand Rapids area
  • MTP processes 5.3 million tom (male) turkeys annually
  • MTP produces very few whole birds for the retail market. Instead, MTP is a significant supplier to the food service industry, which supplies many local restaurants and has a presence in the retail deli case.


  • Turkey is a healthy protein source that is very low in fat and provides many nutrients that help build a strong immune system
  • Turkey is a relatively low calorie food
  • Turkey is a lean meat with not a significant amount of fat

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