Tweetchat archive: Michigan farmer Allyson Maxwell

Archive Tweetchat with @AccidntlFarmGrl: Dec. 20, 2016

Format for this chat: 1) Intros, 2) Discussion w/ @AccidntlFarmGrl & 3) Ask your own Qs. W/ each response, tweet Q number & #migrownmigreat

Q1: First, please introduce yourself, where you’re from & what you’re eating. #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q1: @MichAgCouncil Hi, my name is Allyson Maxwell, I’m from Midland, Michigan and right now I’m eating Christmas cookies! #migrownmigreat

elainebristol Q1: Tuning in to #migrownmigreat chat from NE Michigan & eating what’s left of my lunch: a cheese stick & @Faygo cola

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q1: @MichAgCouncil the Christmas cookies are made with @michigansugarco sugar. Our sugar beets are processed there! #migrownmigreat

MichAgCouncil: Q1 #migrownmigreat chat: @AccidntlFarmGrl @michigansugarco How cool is that! We MUST have your recipe!!

AccidntlFarmGrl: @MichAgCouncil @michigansugarco has the best sugar cookie recipe right on their website! Great for holiday cookie baking! #migrownmigreat


Q2: What is your farm/food connection? #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q2: @MichAgCouncil my hubby Peter and I are MI farmers. Growing corn, sugar beets, soybeans. We are producing food for all! #migrownmigreat


Q3 for @AccidntlFarmGrl: Do you tend to stick to producing a single food at a time or vary it? Why? #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q3 @MichAgCouncil we produce several at a time. Best biz practice is to stay diversified! The market can be unpredictable. #migrownmigreat

MichAgCouncil: Q3 #migrownmigreat: Smart! No different than a lot of businesses out there

AccidntlFarmGrl: @MichAgCouncil exactly! Our farm is a biz. We farm because we care about what ends up on tables and we also take good care of our land.


Q4 w/ @AccidntlFarmGrl: What are sugarbeets used for? How many different things is corn used in? How about soybeans? #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q4 @MichAgCouncil sugarbeets are mainly used to produce white refined sugar & brown sugars. The pulp goes into animal feed. #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q4 @MichAgCouncil field corn is mainly used for animal feed. Vs the sweet corn we see in the summer & can eat off the cob. #migrownmigreat

elainebristol: Q4: Love both! Which reminds me that popcorn (a 3rd kind!) needs to go on my grocery list 🙂#migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q4 @MichAgCouncil soybeans are mainly used for their oil, and their protein for animal feed. Human consumption is soy milk, soy protein…

MichAgCouncil: Q4 Love it! Be sure to check out  for additional uses for soybeans, corn & sugar[beets] #migrownmigreat


Q5: What’s the difference between sugarbeets & sugar cane? #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q5 @MichAgCouncil they produce the exact same sugar. Cane is a stalk that grows above ground and beets grow below ground.

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q5 @MichAgCouncil sugar cane needs a warm climate, South US. Beets need a cold climate & are mainly raised in the north and northwest US

s_l_rutherford: @AccidntlFarmGrl @MichAgCouncil Sugarcane is a more water intensive crop than sugarbeets.

MichAgCouncil: Q5 #migrownmigreat: We asked this during a raw #video of Michigan sugarbeet harvest in September:

AccidntlFarmGrl: @MichAgCouncil watching sugar beet harvest live is one of my fave things! #migrownmigreat

MichAgCouncil: Q5 @AccidntlFarmGrl Especially if you’re dreaming of Christmas cookies like we were & are now!! #migrownmigreat

MichAgCouncil: Q5 #migrownmigreat: This is a GREAT snapshot of Michigan sugarbeet info from our partners at @michigansugarco:


Q6: Field corn’s a big crop in Michigan (~355 million bushels [56 lbs] per year) – how is it used besides what animals eat? #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q6 @MichAgCouncil a few other things but mainly ethanol production. #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: @MichAgCouncil here is a quick diagram to illustrate #migrownmigreat

MichAgCouncil: Q6 #migrownmigreat: Find out more fascinating facts about Michigan corn from our partners @mi_corn at

KatiMoraRD: Just picked the kids up from school, settled in, and ready to follow along w/ the  #migrownmigreat tweetchat that started at 4pm. Join me!


Q7: Tell us about high fructose corn syrup – is it in your pantry? #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q7 @MichAgCouncil sure HFCS is in a lot of things! #migrownmigreat

MichAgCouncil: Q7 #migrownmigreat: One more resource for those readers out there:


Q8: GMO or no? Why are farmers using them and can we trust them? #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q8 @MichAgCouncil its a big yes for me. The tech keeps us #sustainable is better for our soil uses less pesticides, is safer overall.

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q8 @MichAgCouncil on trust this tech has been researched tested and consumed for 20+ years. 1500+ studies say SAFE @SafeAffordable

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q8 @MichAgCouncil when you look at the total benefits of GE tech the ? is why wouldn’t we use it? #migrownmigreat #Sustainable #affordable

MichAgCouncil: Q8 #migrownmigreat US farmers indicate #biotech & #GMO crops = important solution to raise crops more efficiently

MichAgCouncil: #Michigan farmer @AccidntlFarmGrl shares one reason she uses #GMO during #migrownmigreat tweetchat: Q8 @MichAgCouncil its a big yes for me. The tech keeps us #sustainable is better for our soil uses less pesticides, is safer overall.


Q9: Share one thing you want people to know about Michigan farmers & farming systems. #migrownmigreat

AccidntlFarmGrl: Q9 @MichAgCouncil we farm b/c we care about our land, food supply, and what we leave our kids. Let’s keep our food @SafeAffordable & QUALITY


Q10: Time for us to sit back & listen…what questions do YOU have about today’s food & farming systems? #migrownmigreat

MichAgCouncil: Thanks for joining our #migrownmigreat chat w/ @AccidntlFarmGrl! Let us know if you have follow up Qs!