Michigan beef cows are raised all across our state by farmers who are committed to providing safe, nutritious and delicious cuts of beef. You can trust that steaks, burgers and other Michigan beef favorites were produced in a safe, humane and environmentally safe way utilizing the latest technologies and resources.

Michigan Beef Facts

  • Michigan cattle herds total 1.15 million head, of which 108,000 are beef cows
  • Cattle are raised in 80 of Michigan’s 83 counties on 12,000 farms
  • Cash receipts from cattle and calves in Michigan total $575 million
  • Michigan cattle support 33% of Michigan’s demand for beef


  • One 3-ounce serving of lean cooked beef is about 150 calories on average and provides 50% of your recommended Daily Value of protein
  • Lean cooked beef is a naturally rich source of 10 essential nutrients, including protein, iron, zinc, B vitamins (B6 and B12), phosphorus, niacin, choline, selenium, and riboflavin
  • There are 29 cuts of lean beef with fat content falling between that of a skinless chicken breast and skinless chicken thigh, when comparing 3-ounce cooked servings
  • More than half the fat in beef (51%) is mono-unsaturated, the same type of heart-healthy fat found in olive oil
  • There are nine extra-leans beef cuts certified by the American Heart
  • Association Heart-Check program including:
    • Extra Lean Ground Beef (96% lean, 4% fat)
    • Bottom Round Steak (USDA Select grade)
    • Extra Lean Ground Beef 96% Lean 4% Fat (with Natural Flavors)
    • Sirloin Tip Steak (USDA Select grade)
    • Top Sirloin Petite Roast, Boneless (USDA Select grade)
    • Top Sirloin Strips (USDA Select grade)
    • Top Sirloin Filet (USDA Select grade)
    • Top Sirloin Kabob (USDA Select grade)
    • Top Sirloin Steak, Boneless, Center Cut (USDA Select grade)

To learn more visit the Michigan Beef Industry Commission.

Recipes Featuring MI Beef: