Michigan farmers offer an amazing variety of locally grown, quality foods and products that you can trust because farmers care about what they do and work hard to protect Michigan’s unique natural resources for their families, neighbors and future generations.

We all benefit from Michigan farm families who take pride in perfecting the art and science of growing fresh, high-quality foods and products, year after year. Our water, weather and diverse growing regions make Michigan-grown fresh foods and products just naturally better.



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Apples are one of the largest and most valuable fruit crops in Michigan. It’s no surprise; Michigan apples are great fresh or in a variety of food products! Apples are in season from mid-August through mid-November. Fresh Michigan apples are available August through...

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These long green stalks are a favorite of many and are one of the state’s first crops to appear in the spring. They are fresh from late April through June and boast a variety of health benefits. Most Michigan asparagus is grown near the Lake Michigan shoreline, where...

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Michigan is no stranger to legumes! Michigan beans are dry edible beans, produced in abundance in our great state. Michigan beans are ready for harvest from late August through October and are available throughout the year, either canned or in dry packaging. Michigan...

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Michigan beef cows are raised all across our state by farmers who are committed to providing safe, nutritious and delicious cuts of beef. You can trust that steaks, burgers and other Michigan beef favorites were produced with the utmost care and regard for quality....

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These mighty blues are Michigan’s pride and joy. Fresh Michigan blueberries are available from July to September, and frozen blueberries and blueberry products can be enjoyed throughout the year. Michigan blueberry facts: Michigan leads the nation in growing...

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Did you know, Michigan ranks nationally in the production of this leafy green? Fresh Michigan cabbage is available from July to November and throughout the year in its processed forms. Michigan cabbage facts: Michigan ranks 10th in the nation in the production of...

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Bright, crunchy carrots are satisfying raw or in your favorite recipe. Harvested in summer and fall, Michigan grows carrots for both fresh market and processing. Fresh market carrots are in season from late July through November, and carrots for processing are...

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Michigan celery is available fresh from July through December, and this crunchy snack is as versatile as it is guilt-free. Michigan celery facts: Michigan ranks second in the nation for celery production In 2009, Michigan harvested 105.5 million pounds of celery,...

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They’re red, they’re tasty, and they’re one of Michigan’s most prized specialty crops! Fresh sweet Michigan cherries are in season from late June to August while Montmorency tart cherries are available throughout the year in dried,  frozen, canned, or as juices and...

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Naturally sweet, low in fat and calories and extremely versatile, Michigan chestnuts are not just for roasting over an open fire. Michigan chestnuts are available in their fresh form from October to December, while peeled frozen and dehydrated chestnuts and chestnut...

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Michigan chicken, or broilers, are a lean and healthy source of protein grown by farmers throughout the state. Today, Michigan farmers raise approximately 6 million broilers. Michigan chicken facts: Michigan currently produces approximately 6 million broilers...

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Make your Christmas a real Michigan Christmas with a fresh Michigan Christmas tree. Michigan Christmas trees are good for the environment, the economy and the spirit. Michigan Christmas Tree facts: Michigan ranks third in the nation in the number of Christmas trees...

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Whether fresh, pressed into juice or dried, folks love Michigan cranberries. The state’s climate, soil and water resources make our state an excellent location for growing Michigan cranberries, which are harvested September through November. Michigan cranberry facts:...

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Whether atop a salad or deliciously salty in the pickle jar, Michigan cucumbers are a crowd favorite. Fresh Michigan cucumbers are available in July, August, and September, and in their processed form (pickles!), they can be purchased throughout the year. Michigan...

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The milk, cheese, yogurt and other Michigan dairy products you enjoy every day are both delicious and local. Michigan dairy farmers are committed to supplying the safest, highest quality dairy foods for Michigan families. Michigan dairy facts: There are about 1,700...

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Michigan’s family-owned egg farmers raise enough eggs each year to supply each Michigander with 23 dozen. Michigan eggs can be found at local diners, large restaurant chains, grocery stores and food service entities. Michigan eggs are produced by laying hens in eight...

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Michigan field corn is the state’s most abundant crop, with more than 300 million bushels grown annually. The industry contributes more than $2 billion to the state’s economy. Field corn, which accounts for about 99 percent of all corn grown in the U.S., is a...

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Michigan boasts a vast array of floriculture that comes to bloom throughout the summer months. Greenhouses throughout Michigan are home to a beautiful variety Michigan flowers, including hanging baskets, potted plants flats, cuttings and seed. Michigan Floriculture...

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A versatile fruit, Michigan grapes are used for table fruit, wine, juice, jams, jellies and more. Michigan wine is a growing industry, ranking top in the nation for wine grape production. Harvest for early hybrid varieties of Michigan wine grapes begins at the end of...

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Michigan herbs add a dose of flavor to dishes prepared with your favorite commodity, with a variety of health and wellness benefits. Michigan Herbs are grown throughout the year, but prime season is May through October, although specific seasonality depends on the...

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This sugary, golden nectar is delicious all on its own or stirred into a batch of something sweet. Beekeepers harvest Michigan honey in summer or early fall, but some continue throughout the year, making the sweet treat available for consumers year round. Michigan...

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Michigan farmers raise sheep for both meat and wool. Michigan lamb is a lean and healthy source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and Michigan wool is a durable, warm and comfortable fiber. Michigan lamb facts: Lamb is the term for the meat of a young domestic sheep...

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Maple Syrup

  Maple Syrup Maple syrup is the first farm crop to be harvested in Michigan each year. And might it be the sweetest? Michigan Maple syrup season begins in February in lower Michigan and extends into April in the Upper Peninsula. Michigan maple syrup facts: Maple...

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A variety of Michigan nursery products are grown each year, like hostas, sod, shrubs, fruit trees, flowering trees, seedlings and other various perennials. These and other Michigan nursery products have a significant impact on our state’s economy. Michigan Nursery...

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Some like them red, some like them white, and some even eat them like an apple. Say hello to Michigan onions, in season between mid-June and mid-October. Michigan onion facts: In 2009, Michigan produced 133 million pounds of Michigan onions, worth $14.3 million Most...

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Another valuable orchard fruit, ripe, juicy peaches are a tasty treat with rich Michigan history. Fresh Michigan peaches are available from early July to mid-September, and processed Michigan peaches are available throughout the year. Michigan peach facts: In 2009,...

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Juicy, sweet Michigan pears are tasty fresh or in a few Michigan-made products. The majority of Michigan pear production takes place during the Bartlett pear season from late August to mid-September. Most fresh pears are consumed within a few weeks of harvest, and...

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Michigan plums are delicious and nutritious fresh, frozen or canned. The harvest season for Michigan plums begins in August with the major production taking place in September. While most are eaten fresh, some Michigan plums are canned and frozen. Michigan plum facts:...

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Pork chops, pork roasts, holiday hams, and of course, bacon are just a few of the many delicious meats that come from Michigan pork. Pig farmers work hard each day to provide safe, nutritious food while protecting the environment. Michigan Pork facts: Michigan pig...

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Do you know where your baked potato came from? Or that bag of potato chips? How about Michigan! Michigan grows both table potatoes and Michigan potatoes for processing. Fresh Michigan potatoes are available from August to November, while they are available in their...

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Pumpkins and Squash

Fall in Michigan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the pumpkin patch or time spent enjoying a warm Michigan squash recipe. Michigan pumpkins are harvested from September through November. Fresh Michigan squash season is July through October, but squash can be...

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The raspberry and blackberry industries in Michigan are relatively small, but these Michigan berries are prized by Michiganders nonetheless. Fresh Michigan raspberries are in season in the months of July and September or year round as frozen or processed products....

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Michigan soybeans are an important crop in our state’s agriculture sector, contributing $1.5 billion to Michigan’s economy each year. Most Michigan soybeans are grown for use in animal feed, but some soybeans are used in Michigan soyfoods and everyday household...

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Looking for the freshest and tastiest Michigan strawberries this season? Michigan’s strawberry season starts in early June and can extend into mid July. Look for Michigan strawberries in-store or find them where they’re largely produced, in Berrien, Leelanau and Van...

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Nature’s preferred sweetener, sugar, is abundant in Michigan! Michigan sugar is a "real sweet" deal for our state’s economy, and it’s available to Michiganders and neighboring states all year long. Michigan sugar facts: More than one billion pounds of sugar is...

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A Michigan summer is not complete without stopping by a roadside stand or visiting the grocery store for fresh Michigan sweet corn. It’s delicious all on its own, with a pinch of salt and glazed in butter. Michigan sweet corn is in season July through September,...

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Some of the best recipes call for zesty and flavorful tomatoes, whether fresh or in the form of sauces, canned goods and more. Fresh Michigan tomatoes are in season in the months of August, September, and October, and processed tomatoes are available throughout the...

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Michigan turkeys are raised by farmers throughout the state whose livelihood is creating a safe and quality source of protein for consumers and businesses in the food service market. Most of these turkeys are processed in Grand Rapids at a farmer-owned cooperative....

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Michigan’s wheat farmers take great care to produce that hearty slice of whole grain bread, the flour that finds itself in your favorite baked goods and many other delicious breads, crackers, and cookies. Michigan wheat harvest is from July through September depending...

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